And now I really have dropped dead! My writing weeked is over! (@GordonGina, #WERetreat)

Update - 3:30 PM - My eyeballs ache and my brain is mush, which means I've written until I can't write anymore. So, I didn't get done all three chapters, but I did finish two chapters of BARED (Club Sin #2). This is awesome and sets me up for a great writing week ahead on a new firefighter novella I have to do. Huge thank you to everyone who followed me this weekend and cheered me on. Your support ROCKS! It made this weekend a total blast! Now, for giveaway goodies: GinaD, Melody May, Sheryl, Jessica Moe, and Timitra, please pick an eBook off my book page you want to read, then contact me at with your preferred eBook format! *big hugs* Oh, and thanks to Gina Gordon for putting up with me this weekend, and for feeding me cupcakes! Wanna know what this was all about? Click HERE!

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