Another Witches Be Dazzled teaser…

Lots and lots of editing WITCHES BE DAZZLED today, which means *unedited* teaser time! I’m enjoying myself immensely editing this story, and hope you all enjoy the teaser, too!


Kyden crossed his arms, leaning against the door frame. “Do tell me, why would a woman who has been determined to put me in my place when I get territorial be jealous?”
“Don’t you dare put that back on me?” Nexi snapped, her nostrils flaring. “Thalia is gorgeous, of course I’d be less than happy that she shared your bed.”
“Well, she didn’t really share my b—.”
Her eyes slowly narrowed. “If you want to live another night you will not finish that sentence.”
He chuckled, taking a step toward her. “Besides, you are far prettier than she could ever be.”
His compliment didn’t even register on her face. In fact, her frown deepened. “She’s elegant.”
“Yes, she is.” He inclined his head, taking another step forward.
“You slept with her.”
“I did.” He shrugged and admitted, “And a handful of others, too.”
“Oh, my God, you seriously need to work on what you say to me. Do guardians seriously have no common sense?” She threw up her hands. “Is that supposed to make me feel better?”
“No sense ignoring the truth, and now that I’ve discovered you have a jealous side, I do think for my own safety it’s best to be forthright.” Besides, Nexi had something no other lover did before her – a soul that was so beautiful it took his breath away. So giving. So loving. So unselfish. So fiery. He took her warm hand in his, placing it on his heart. “No one has ever had this. My heart is yours. It has been given to no one before you, always waiting for you to claim it.”
She held his stare a moment. “Okay, keep talking I’m starting to forgive you.”