April News!


Hi Lovelies!

I hope you had a wonderful March and a Happy Easter. For those of you enjoying warm, sunny, spring weather … I envy you! For those of you who are looking at snow covered grounds, I feel your pain. See…


But it’s not all bad. There are some beautiful days for hiking.


On the writing end, I’ve been busy writing TIED TO HIS BETRAYAL, Dirty Little Secrets #2 before I’m off to the RT Booklovers Convention on April 11th in Las Vegas. Woot woot! I hope some of you are going so I get to see you!!

Also, in case you missed it, I recently posted these BIG insider goodies: the very first look at the cover for BURN FOR YOU — the final Pact of Seduction book featuring Sadie. Whatcha think? Hot firefighter…yummy!! 🙂  I’m sorry to say that this book isn’t up for pre-order, but it’ll be on sale on April 26th at all e-tailers. Yah!!

Hope Dax steals your hearts like he stole mine! <3

Read on for a sneak peek at the story.



“Are you ready to play, darlin’?”
“Yes.” She gulped.
Slightly amused by her nerves, he stopped in front of her, running the leather in his hands, clenching his jaw against the ache in his arm reminding him to be careful. “Safe word?”
“Burn it is.” He stepped in behind her, taking note of her tense muscles, as he dragged the belt across her bare bottom. He saw the rise of her fear within her deep, shallow breaths, and set to explain in a way she’d understand completely. “Tell me your safe word again.” He gave her bottom a light slap, intent to build trust between them.
“Burn,” she gasped.
He rubbed his hand over where he’d swatted her. “This is what happens when you say burn. I’ll stop, it’s that simple. I won’t ever lose control. Do you understand?”
“Yes, what?”
She paused. Then, “Yes, Sir.”
“Very nice, Sadie.” Drawn into the power and control that domination gave him and feeling the adrenaline race through his veins, he dragged a hand across her warm bottom. “Now move to the bed, darlin’. Hands on the mattress.” She did as he asked, settling at the foot of the bed, placing her shaky hands against the dark gray duvet. “Arch your back for me.” He tickled his fingers down her spine. “Ah, yes, that’s it. Spread your legs. Ass high in the air.” His cock twitched. “Yes, beautiful.” He slid his fingers back up her spine, feeling her quiver beneath his touch. “Place your head down against the bed, looking to the side.” He knew the vulnerable place this put her in. She could hide nothing in this position. Yet she obliged him, and he swiped her ponytail off to the side, leaving her back available to him.
He waited a moment, watching her carefully. She didn’t look at him; she looked straight ahead at the wall, and he grinned. Maybe there was something special about playing with a newbie sub. He liked this. Dominating her felt new and exciting again for him.
When the silence sped up her breathing, he stepped in behind her, seeing her muscles tense and understanding that too. Her anus, her pink wet lips—all of her filled his vision. Beautiful. His cock jerked against his stomach as he ran his hand over her bottom and set to give her the reassurance she needed. “So damn sexy. So very pretty.” He groaned loudly, letting her hear what she did to him. “Goddamn perfect.” He slapped one butt cheek and then the other, seeing her visibly relax, becoming more comfortable with the position and hearing and accepting his compliments.
To ease her into his command, he kept his movements slow, allowing her to experience each moment. He slid the belt across her bottom, gingerly and teasingly, seeing her stiffen all over again. “Will you allow me to use this belt on you?” He asked permission this time.
“Yes, Sir,” she rasped.
“Why would you let me do such a thing to you?”
“To please you.”


Also, don’t forget there is still time to enter the giveaway some friends and I are hosting. One lucky winner will receive the book featured by each of the four authors. Come check out the post, books and blurbs HERE. The giveaway ends on April 22nd!

Until next month.

♥ Stacey