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I couldn’t be more thrilled that the BARED Blog Tour has landed on my site. Why? Because I can share a SEXY excerpt that I know I won’t get in trouble for sharing. So, YAH, for just a good ol’ smokin’ hot flogging scene!!

Can you believe that release day is only 4 days away? SO EXCITING! I cannot wait to hear what you all think of Aidan and Cora’s story. It was an emotional roller coaster for me, and I hope you all enjoy another visit to CLUB SIN!!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…




Bared Excerpt — Happy Reading:

Adrenaline flowed through him and the weight of the floggers straightened his back. The first flogger gave a hard thumping sensation, while the new flogger offered a sting; the perfect combinations to send Cora into the highest forms of pleasure. To prove only he made her go wild under his mastery.

He returned to her and studied her slow but controlled breaths. The sight of her tied to the pole with a bright red ass sent a pleasurable shiver through him. He gazed over her sweaty flesh and inhaled her spicy scent, with hints of musk alongside it. Her body spoke to him with the hard trembles, the softness in her stance begging him to push her and take her deeper into euphoria.

With a slowly building smile, he raised them both in a crisscross motion, sending the floggers out as they thudded onto her bottom. Without giving her a moment to catch up, he unleashed again onto her stinging cheek.

Cora’s muscles became rigid, her earsplitting gasp sliding across him. “Yeah, beautiful,” he murmured, “Fall into me.”

He paused and waited until her body softened and she accepted the sting, morphing it into pleasure. Then his feet moved swiftly and quietly over the floor. The only sound was the floggers touching her flesh and her seductive moans.

Now he had her trapped in his dominance. She was strapped to a pole with nowhere to run. And she couldn’t avoid him.

Each smack became an extension of his touch, bringing her higher into the peak of ecstasy. Her entire body shook, and her breath shortened into heady pants, urging him to push further.

On my terms, darlin’ . . . always on my terms.

As he put both floggers in one hand, his lungs expanded to the fullest through deep, satisfied breaths. Consumed by the desire to be close to her, he slid his hand over her sweat-coated hip to the junction between her thighs. He chuckled, low and deep. “Only you could be this wet from a flogging.”

She groaned.

Her hot and ready sex spoke of her hunger. Her harsh breathing screamed desperation. The musky scent of her honey brought fiery need to his cock. He nudged her thigh, pushing her legs away from the pole as he slid his fingers over her slit, gathering her arousal. “Open for me, wider now.” Then he smacked her bottom with both floggers.

With a sigh sending a harsh burn through him, she shifted her feet, and he slipped his fingers through her soaked folds. He slid his fingers up to her clit and swirled the nerves, and her low, unadulterated moan engulfed him. Each press against the bud made her pant an intoxicating sound. Every hit of leather against skin had her screaming in pleasure.

His cock pressed against his zipper painfully as he became drunk on her pleasure. He didn’t relent, pushing her harder, demanding she tumble into his command. Only when her body quivered in a need to denote did he step away. He smacked her flaming ass with a round of intense slaps, cutting through the air.

Her unrestrained scream followed.

He lowered the floggers and she stopped breathing, as she froze in the peak of her pleasure. His muscles quivered in need to slam into her until they both drowned in ecstasy. She was ready. She was there, trapped in his mastery.

She had awakened only for him, always for him.

Aidan dropped the floggers onto the tray and grabbed the condom. His fingers trembled when he dropped his boxers and pants, and he bit his lip as his arms tingled with the application of the condom.

He returned to her, manic energy flowing through him. Her skin was hot and sweaty, and he grunted as he grabbed her hips, angling her out. Her back stretched, and pressure added to her wrists from the ropes binding her. He ran his hands over her bottom, relishing the heat of her flesh and the deep, dark color.

With a full appreciative sweep, his gaze lowered, and her spectacular heart-shaped ass mesmerized him. I need you—I need this, just as you need me. He placed his throbbing cock at her slit and swiftly entered her.

The surge of pleasure crossed his eyes and his fingers tightened on her hips. He plunged deep, shamelessly taking what we wanted. See how you shake under my touch? See how I make you scream? See how you unravel? 

Only I do this to you.


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