Bought By The Boss – Teaser #12


When he glances over his shoulder, he’s as focused as I’ve ever seen him. I’m only reminded how little control I really have where it comes to Jackson. He’s not the type of guy you can control. I might have started this tonight. That penetrating look in his eyes tells me he plans on finishing it, if he decides to see this through.

And that’s the feeling I get from him. He’s still undecided.

He gives that mesmerizing half-grin, and takes a chair from the table and sits down. Legs spread wide, in a gesture that is as sexy as it is clear, he arches a single eyebrow again. “Dance for me.”

I swallow. Deeply. He’s daring me. Maybe even challenging me and pushing my limits to see how far I plan to take this game of ours. I’m all in. Two years, I’ve built up the fantasy of Jackson Keller, imagining how a powerful man like him would be in bed. Touching me. Tasting me. Fucking me. I need to find out if the real deal is as good as what I’ve dreamed up.

This is my only chance.

Determined to see this through, I push past the nerves threatening to stop me. I shut my eyes and feel the beat of the music, slowly circling my hips back and forth. When I’ve found my rhythm, I reopen my eyes, finding his penetrating stare narrowed on me. He’s as cool and calm and collected as always, when I slide my hands down over my sides and my thighs, circling my hips, teasing him.

I want to break through to the man who can’t control himself. I want to drive him fucking crazy.


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