Friday Fun! Snippet from Claimed – Releases August 5th!

Hubs and I are heading away with a group of friends for the weekend. No. Kids. Allowed. PARTY!!!!

Today, I’m sharing a snippet from CLAIMED (unedited), and leaving you with Master Dmitri in the shower! Yum!

With his shoulders drenched by the water, causing droplets to run down his chest to his six-pack, he was enticingly gorgeous. Standing from her spot on the bench, she whispered, “Sir,” then she approached him.

She stared up into his face, and he arched a curious brow down at her. While at first she acted out of guilt, she realized that wasn’t her real motive. He looked uncomfortable. She didn’t like that. Yes, she was grateful for all he’d done for her, but her desire now was simply to have that beautiful cock in her mouth. She wanted to make him feel good, just as he’d made her feel good.

Trailing her hands over his thighs, she lowered to her knees, and the hard tiles were warm beneath her. She angled her head back, and sinful eyes peered down at her. “Sir, may I pleasure you?”