Demonically Tempted (Tess & Kipp Book Two) is finished!

I’m thrilled to say that today I just wrote the end on Tess & Kipp’s next book. Phew! I thought I’d never get here. It’s been months of saying that I wanted to write this story, but time was a factor, and I’m so happy to be done. Like Supernaturally Kissed, I enjoyed every minute of writing the next chapter in their lives. And even I was surprised at how the book turned out. It definitely didn’t go as I planned, but the result is way better than I could have anticipated.

So what does that mean? Will it be off to my editor now? The answer is no. I’ve sent it off to a beta reader to make sure the concept of the story works. Once I get through the advice on the story and revise to fix it all up, I’ll send it out for a deeper critique by my fabulous critique partner. After which, I’ll do another heavy round of revisions before I read it once more for grammar and such.

But for now…I’ll leave you this unedited snippet of my favorite scene in this book so you get a taste of what’s to come! Enjoy!

Kipp’s gaze held mine, a soft expression that spoke to my heart’s desires. The feel of his touch against my skin shivered within me. An icy wisp of air that washed across mine was raising more warmth than cold within my body.

He smiled, a delicious grin, as he swept his touch up my thigh moving it toward my center. I held my breath in anticipation of the cold air. When the chilly breeze swept over my most intimate flesh, I sighed, closing my eyes as wild sensations stole over my mind.

“I love watching you like this.” His tone sounded rich and thick with lust. “And imagining what it feels like to have your soft, warm breath rush from your lips.”

I forced my eyes open to find him with either hands on the pillow staring down at me. Regardless that the chill of his body touched mine, heat burned wicked in my body.

“You look so beautiful when your eyes dilate like they are now. When I can tell that you want nothing more than for me to touch you.” He leaned away, swiping his hand over my breast. “In places like this.” He trailed his fingers down my stomach and reached my center. “And more so here.”

I laughed softly, yet my voice held a husky edge. “You drive me crazy when you talk like that.”

“Then touch yourself,” he whispered. “And imagine it’s me caressing you, teasing you, marveling over your body, as I wish I could.”

With my eyes on his, I lowered my hand to my heated flesh watching his gaze burner deeper as I satisfied my ache.

His voice dipped low. “That’s sexy. You’re sexy.” His focus flicked from my hand, to my eyes, and repeated the move a few times over before he shed his clothes in his magical way.

I wanted to touch him, reach out and feel his hardened length in my hand, as I brought him to the same level of pleasure I experienced. He, though, proved to bring himself there without my help.

His jaw clenched as he stroked himself in slow movements mirroring my own soft embraces. Nothing looked as incredible as Kipp did in throes of passion. Zings of sensations coursed through my body and my eyes fluttered closed.

He tsked. “You wouldn’t deny me the right to look at you when you lose yourself, would you?”

I struggled to open my eyes to him, moaning not only against the building tension, but at the look I found on his expression. No man. Not once. Had ever looked at me like he would go to the ends of the earth for me to fulfill all my desires. The declaration that shone in his eyes showed the truth that he was as captivated with me as I was him.

He nibbled on his bottom lip, as he always did when his release was near, and I zoned in on it; mesmerized by the beauty of this man. His eyes widened, yet the depths of his gaze remained deep and primal. His hand around his erection moved faster and I kept up with the sped that he set on my own body.

“It’s time,” was all Kipp groaned.

I answered his plea of release with a whimper as my muscles tightened. My body quivering and was stolen by sensations that left me a panting woman in its wake.

“I love you, Tess,” Kipp said, quiet and tender, drawing me out of the haze of my climax. His gaze was so focused and I felt the intensity of it right to the tip of my toes. “I love you more than a man ought to love any woman. I love you enough to stay here, as a ghost, until you join me.”

I leaned up, brushing my lips over his, only feeling frosty air with no pressure. “And I promise you that one day I will.”