? HEARTBREAKER Teaser #4 ?



“So now we can reach the point where you think you can fix whatever is wrong with me and somehow correct the fact that I don’t want to be in a committed relationship.”

She noted the dry tone of his voice, even the irritation in it. “Well,” she said in a light voice, hoping he’d truly hear her, “from the way I see it, you’re honorable, straightforward, hardworking, caring toward other’s needs, and strong. I’m not exactly sure what needs fixing.”

Maddox lowered his pizza and stared into her eyes intently. The seconds drew on as his brows furrowed. Her body heated, both under the powerful command of his regard and in all the things he wasn’t saying out loud but she could hear anyway.

“But who am I to say,” she added quickly to break the silence, realizing she was making things a little too emotional. “I’m nowhere near perfect, so I’m probably not the best judge of someone’s character anyway.”

He didn’t reply, instead he gathered up his last piece of pizza. He ate the entire slice in silence before he grabbed his napkin, wiping his hands, looking at her again. “You’re wrong, you know.”


He pushed his plate away and stared at her with those stern eyes. “You’re the perfect you. The only you in this world. It doesn’t get more perfect than that.”

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