? HEARTBREAKER Teaser #6 ?


“Please,” she begged.

“Please, what?”

“Please touch me.”

“Like this?” he murmured, stroking her.

She leaned her head back against his shoulder, reveling in the warmth building within. “Yes. Like that.”

“Oh, but I think we can do better, don’t you?” He dragged his hand from between her thighs up her torso to her mouth where she parted her lips, and he slid his fingers against her tongue.

With his fingers now soaking wet, he returned to them to her sex. Like her own personal vibrator, he worked the bud fast, back and forth, pinching, swirling, bringing her higher. She began gasping and trembling, desperate for him to give her more. “What do you want, Joss?” he demanded, voice hard.

“Your tongue,” she rasped.

Need Maddox NOW? Come get him…