It’s been a strange few months…

Today, I hit the halfway mark in revisions on WITCHES BE DAZZLED, and I gotta admit I’m thrilled to be here. Not only because it means I’m nearing the end of revisions, which those of you who know me have heard a thousand times that it’s my least favorite thing about the writing process, but also because it means I’m that much closer to a release date.

It’s been an odd few months for me. I’ve always thought of myself as an urban fantasy romance author, and because of all the book deals lately, which I’m overjoyed about, all of my urban fantasy novels are disappearing. My book page on my website is stuffed full of erotic romance. And I’ll tell you, for me, that’s so strange!

Almost all of the novellas that are available now, I wrote in between writing my urban fantasy novels. I write them because it allows me to just have fun! Not worry so much about the mystery, all the twists and turns that happen, or any of the kick-ass action and danger. It lets me focus on pure character development and well…sex.

To say that I’ve been feeling a little strange would be a huge understatement. When Stolen Dreams vanished from world, then The Magical Sword series, An Warrior’s Witch, and Tainted Blood, too, I felt a bit…empty. I miss these books. I have been, and always will be, a true lover of urban fantasy. It’s my favorite genre to read, and it’s by far, what I’m most passionate to write.

So, as I make my way through revisions on the stories that started it all for me, I’m so excited to see them get wrapped up. It’s an amazing thing to revisits these books, take what I’ve learned since I first got published, and apply it to Nexi’s stories. I always had big dreams for these books, and the fact that I’ve been given the chance to see the stories deepen and really shine, makes me so blissfully happy. But at the same time, I’m seriously bouncing on the edge of my seat and counting down the days until not only Magic & Mayhem series releases, but also Tess and Kipp’s story, Supernaturally Kissed.

For all of those readers who’ve contacted me, showing their eagerness to see these stories back out in the world, just know that I’m right there with you…waiting and hoping the months go by quickly!