Meet Master Porter

Hello my lovely readers,

Last month I introduced you to the first three masters of CLUB SIN. Are you ready to meet the last two? I’m kicking off this month with Master Porter.

He was damn tired of love turning into friendship, which was exactly what had happened with Cora. Until he found the woman who sparked an intense passionate love inside him, he wouldn’t open himself up that way again.

We first met Porter in BARED when he tried to help Cora with Aidan. In TAMED, Master Dmitri and the other masters agreed that it was time to bestow him with Club Sin Master status. However, he would have to prove himself to the Club Sin members. What better test than to tame the club’s most difficult submissive? If he could withstand playing with Kenzie Hart for one month, that would be saying a lot about his skill.

Want to find out what was troubling the feisty Kenzie and how Porter managed to break down her walls one brick at a time? It wasn’t an easy journey for them, but genuine concern, understanding, patience and communication proved it was all worth it.


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♥ Stacey