Review of Bared, Club Sin #2!

There are times I read a review of my book where I swear the reviewer saw the book through my eyes. It’s those moments when I smile big. Sometimes as author you can have that feeling where you are so misunderstood. BUT when someone “gets it”, it feels sooooo damn good!! Thank you, Bout A Book Blog, your review of BARED made me teary!! http://bit.ly/1dn76SF



Review from Bout-A-Book Blog:


CLAIMED (Club Sin #1) was the very first book I read of Ms. Kennedy’s and boy did it capture my attention! (Read my review on CLAIMED here) I was hooked immediately and I couldn’t get enough! I desperately wanted more since I had gobbled up the entire book within hours of starting it. Well, let me just go ahead and say BARED was no different!!! Yep, I had it read within hours of starting it and now I’m left wondering what in the heck am I going to do now!?! I was completely enamored with BARED. Cora and Aidan’s story touched me in ways that left me swooning.

The plot was fantastic. After reading CLAIMED I have been eagerly waiting to delve into Cora’s story. Ms. Kennedy didn’t disappoint with the storyline, I can promise you that. I was sucked right in and she refused to let me go until I had read every last drop of BARED read. It was just that damn good.

As you may have guessed I fell in love with Cora when I was introduced to her in CLAIMED and after reading BARED I love her even more. She is a determined woman who knows what she likes. She doesn’t let life get her down. Life does defeat her. She stands up to the plate and conquers her world. I love, love, love that about Cora. BARED shows us a different side of Cora; she may be strong but she isn’t without feelings and/or emotions. She loves Aidan but knows he isn’t ready to hear it. So, she’s there for him the only way she knows how to be and in the only way he will allow her to be…by submitting herself fully to his care.

“She couldn’t have all of him. She knew that. She had accepted that. He wasn’t capable of giving more. Even if her heart bore the bruises every time separation slide between them, what she experienced with Aidan she couldn’t run from” –Stacey Kennedy, Bared.  

Aidan..oh, Aidan, Aidan, Aidan. He’s is the epitome of swoon-worthy. That man could easily be the death of me. He is all alpha-male and crazy sexy. Everyone can see why Cora has fallen for him…well, everyone but him apparently. There were times in this book I just wanted to smack him upside the head and pray I wouldn’t be punished for it! He so broken and beautiful that when I wasn’t wanting to climb up him and smack him I was wanting to hold him and tell him that everything was going to be okay. He’s a man any girl could love.

“Staring at her, he didn’t see her beauty; he saw only her loving soul. How had he not known she had taken care of him these past two years?–Stacey Kennedy, Bared. 

The storyline in BARED is way more than just BDSM. There is a love story that is beautifully written and entrancing. But please don’t get me wrong. Stacey Kennedy does right by the steamy scenes. I seriously find myself blushing just reading all of the wicked things going on in the dungeon! The way she explains each scene and the way she makes it out to be more than just well….getting off…is amazing. She really shows the lifestyle in a plausible way and shows readers how giving up control or demanding it really affects these people’s lives in more than just a sexual way. It truly is a great read. I’m impressed and desperately wanting more!!

“Satisfied by her position and acceptance of the restraints, he moved in beside the pole and gazed into her dark eyes. ‘I want silence, Cora.’ Silence to play as I like. Silence to embrace our connection. Silence to remind you that I care. ‘Moaning or screaming is permitted. Understand?'”–Stacey Kennedy, Bared.

Again, BARED is a beautifully written, awesomely portrayed creation that I have no doubt I will read and enjoy again and again. Stacey Kennedy is definitely on my top 10 favorite romance authors list!