Happy Six Sentence Sunday! This week I’m sharing a snippet from Demonically Shadowed (Tess & Kipp Book Two), which is my NaNo project. I’ve got 40K written and have four chapters to go. I hope to have the first draft wrapped up by the end of next week! *happy dance* Now…onto a moment in this book where I totally *sighed*! Things are just a wee bit complicated since Tess’s lover is a ghost.

“I love you, Tess,” Kipp said, quiet and tender. His gaze was so focused and I felt the intensity of it right to the tip of my toes. “I love you more than a man ought to love any woman. I love you enough to stay here, as a ghost, until you join me.”

I leaned up, brushing my lips over his, only feeling frosty air with no pressure. “And I promise you that one day I will.”

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