News on exciting upcoming projects!

I thought it was about time to give a little rundown on the current projects that have been keeping me busy and the upcoming ones that have me excited!

Current Projects:

SWEET SUBMISSIVE is currently in revisions. I’m working my way through this sexy full-length BDSM novel and hope to have it to my agent by the end of the week. I’m pretty excited that she’s interested in this one and I’m even more thrilled with how it’s turning out. By far, it’s the sexiest story I’ve ever written, and for those that have read my work you know that means it’s HOT!

BEG FOR IT is in edits and I can hardly wait for you all to meet Kole. He’s probably one of the sexiest heroes I’ve ever written. I have a real soft spot—or hot spot, I should say—for him! I’m hoping that edits go smoothly and we can get the next Pact of Seduction book out to you all so you can see why I drool over Kole.

DEMONCIALLY TEMPTED is a story that I know some of you have been waiting on and all I can say is that I’m waiting too. My editor has her hands full on other projects so I’m hoping that soon I’ll get an answer on Tess & Kipp’s next book…and hopefully, it’s a great answer and she loves the story!

MAGIC & MAYHEM BOOK #3 – As most of you know this is my favorite book from Nexi’s series and I’m eager to revise it into a full-length novel. My deadline isn’t until April so I love that I get to take my time and just enjoy the story as I revise. It’s definitely a real treat to make this book richer through the longer word count…and yes, I’ve already cried twice while working on it. This book gets me every time!

THE CAT’S MEOW – This urban fantasy romance series is still a go. I’m halfway through the story and working on this one when I have time. If all goes well with the other projects and edits, I hope to have this one done at end of March. Hope, is the key word here. I’m self-publishing this story, so when I do get it wrapped up, I expect to have a quick release.

Projects Coming Soon:

I can now officially make the announcement that my critique partner, Sara Brookes and I are going to do a BDSM erotic romance anthology together. To say I’m thrilled is a huge understatement. I adore her work and she just simply rocks as a person, so it’s pretty fantastic to get to work together. We’re still working out the details, but I have a tentative title for my story – ARREST ME, OFFICERS. I plan to start my novella for the anthology in March and can hardly wait to dive in.

Other than that, I plan to write the final Rynn & Briggs book once my schedule clears. I’ve had their story simmering in my mind for a month now and since I’m revising Nexi’s third book, which is where Rynn & Briggs meet, it’s really giving me the itch to get down to business! It’ll be a little heartbreaking to say goodbye to these characters, because Briggs is one of my favorite heroes. But I do plan to give Valor a series too, so at least I’m not saying goodbye to them forever.

As you can see, there are LOTS of projects on the go like always, but it’s all very exciting. I couldn’t be happier with how the current projects are shaping up and I really hope that you all love these stories as much as I do!

Now enough talking and time to get back to work!