Happy Six Sentence Sunday! This week I’m sharing another snippet from my work-in-progress, Sweet Submissive. I finished the story this week and am now working my way through revisions. In this scene, Presley is starting to realize that Dmitri isn’t like any other man she’s met before and the light BDSM she’s experienced that once amused her isn’t what she’ll receive from this dom.

“If I restrained you to take my pleasures, would you find yourself bored?” He ran his finger along the curve of her shoulder and she shivered beneath his touch.

“No,” she rasped.

Trailing his finger down her side, he then slid it along her lower back and up the other arm. “Would you find it amusing if I told you to strip so I could take you hard?”

She froze, totally stuck, holding her breath and when he walked around in front of her, she wasn’t even blinking.

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