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Bought By The Boss

Bought By The Boss – Teaser #10

He slowly sinks to the floor and crooks a finger at me. “Come here, sweetheart.” I approach him and settle my feet next to his hips, ready to sink down onto his dick, when he arches an eyebrow. “No, Mallory, I want to taste you.” Heat flushes through me, wild and wicked. I take the few steps until his face is near my sex. Whe[...]
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Bought By The Boss – Teaser #9

When he presses his muscular body against mine, he proves the difference between his body and mine. Where he’s hard, I’m soft. I release a moan, lost in his intensity when he grabs my leg, wrapping it around his hip so he can boldly grind his cock against my sex. That’s the difference between other guys and this guy. He takes whateve[...]
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Bought By The Boss – Teaser #8

The moon is casting a glow over him which further reflects out onto the water resembling black glass. Hard sculpted muscles fill my vision. There’s not one muscle more developed than another, he’s perfection. His chest perfectly squared, his abs perfectly cut. His cock my idea of perfect. “You’re fucking me with your eyes, Mallo[...]
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