Valentine’s Day Blog Hop!

I’ll totally admit that I love Valentine’s Day! I remember in high school it was such a BIG deal. We used to be able to buy a rose that you could give to someone and I remember how I got butterflies in my stomach at the idea that a rose would be coming my way. Yes, I am a total sucker for a love story. I suppose that’s why I love writing romance.

But now I can honestly say that flowers do nothing for me. In fact, I find them utterly expensive, especially on Valentine’s Day. I’d much rather spend time with the hubby…and maybe eat some chocolate instead of receiving flowers that will only last a couple days. So what’s happened to me? Have I gone Valentine’s Day grumpy?

I don’t think so. I still love the idea of Valentine’s Day. I love spoiling my hubby and getting him treats, but my favorite part of Valentine’s Day isn’t the flowers, it’s the card. I know strange, right? But it’s true. I love searching for that perfect funny Valentine’s Day card to give to my hubby. After a long time searching, I found the perfect card and I thought I’d share it now.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I just want you to know….

I love you!

I need you!

I want you!

Or, in other words…

Take off your clothes!

Take off your clothes!

Take off your clothes!

*giggles* Nothing says love like a great card to make you laugh, but frankly gets right down to the point. I know my hubby will LOVE this card and I have no doubt it will lead to him wiggling his eyebrows at me.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you make yours special with kisses….lots of kisses!!!

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