Book Two for Tess & Kipp!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to give an update for book two in the Frostbite Series. I just passed the 10K mark on the story and things are getting really fun! The first ten thousand words are always the hardest for me, so things should start picking up. My kids go back to school on the 6th of September. That means a lot more writing time for me. On the 7th, I’ll be getting not only Supernaturally Kissed edits, but also first round edits on Werewolves Be Damned. Needless to say, the first couple weeks in September will be filled with edits. But once I get through those, I plan to dig in deep to get Tess and Kipp’s book finished.

It’s my goal to have the story submitted by the end of October. I can’t say for sure when it will be released, but I just wanted to let everyone know it’s coming and the story has lots of ghostly fun!