? HEARTBREAKER Teaser #3 ?



His hands were on her face, his mouth on hers again, slowly nipping her until he deepened the kiss, taking her to a place that inflamed her body. God, she could feel everything. Every whisper of breath from his nose. Every slide of his thumbs across her cheeks. He became all she knew as his condom-covered cock rested against her stomach.

“I won’t be gentle,” he murmured across her mouth.

“Good,” was all she got out before he spun her around.

The cool metal of the bathroom stall pressed against her taut nipples, her cheek resting there, too. She stared into the heat of his eyes in the mirror next to them above the sink.

He slid his hand up to her neck, holding tightly. “Do you see how sexy you are? How much I want you?”

“Yes.” Her voice cracked with urgency. Her legs began shaking, but it wasn’t nervousness. It was pure, unadulterated desire.

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