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SKIRT CHASER: Teaser #10

Do you want me to fuck you, Evie?” “Yes.” His sizzling gaze held hers. “Beg me,” he murmured. She finally breathed again, near gasping now, seeing the promise in his eyes that he’d give her pleasures she’d never known. “Please, I want you…I need you.” “No.” He stepped in between her spread legs, gazing at[...]
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A tropical island, a gorgeous architect, and a kinky adventure—love is about to get filthy! SKIRT CHASER, the conclusion of the Filthy Dirty Love duology is LIVE!!! Are you ready to join Grey and Evie in paradise for some filthy, dirty fun? Greyson Crawford works hard by day and plays even harder at night. And he understands and obeys[...]
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 “Don’t move.” Dressed in a black bikini, she froze. Perhaps at the heat in his voice, at the dominance flooding him. Their time together was counting down, and he wouldn’t waste any of the minutes he had left. He moved to her, never taking his eyes off her, consumed by the lust raging in her eyes. She’d given him this look man[...]
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